domenica 14 novembre 2010

On Baguazhang

The Circle

The Nature is circular and The Logic is straight.

The logic wants control over the Nature and try to force it to be in a way that is a straight line, a Right Line, but even then the circular finds a way to go back to its harmonious circular way.

The Nature has no ambitions, it just Is.

If you build a wall to stop the Water it will continue to swirl, flow, sink or rise but never fight against in order to go back to Harmony, to a Flow, but the way is always circular, no straight lines.

The Snow is never falling in straight lines, it twirls, circulats, spins until it Rests on the Ground.

Softness, Easiness, Exeptence, Flow, Surrendering.

The way of Harmony.

Walking in the Circle is training the Mind to think in Round Lines.

Saar Avivi

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